Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Roads With Old Friends

 One of my friends had ankle surgery today in Colorado.  I have thought about her all day.  Knowing she was tough, I knew God would guide her to a good end.  He did and she is at home, ahead of a snow storm and quite happy (so far)  with all she came in contact with.  She has already had DBS surgery and had some real scary times for awhile. I am wondering, in all this, if doctors in general realize just how tough you have to be to have PD.  You as a patient face constant rejection from people who don't understand you and don't want to take the time to understand.  No wonder we find so much backing on the Internet in friends with the same problems.  You soon learn you are the only one you can depend on and on some days, you are "iffy" too. I now understand why God says everything comes full circle in life.  I use to appreciate color but nothing like now .....yellows glow. as does sunshine....A kiss is never in passing, it's with passion as if were your last ......teddy bears are to sleep with again.....and fuzzy blankets really get softer and softer...No glance from someone goes unnoticed.  And any loud noise is confusing and disturbing  when as an "old hippy" many hours were spent in very loud musical events. I have wasted so much time yet have accomplished so much .  One of my prouder accomplishments is my family which I raised on my own and never thought another thing about it.  Now I see how many things I thought were so important didn't mean a thing and a lot of the very important things I didn't see until much later.

  Now I must muster all my strength and beliefs and start again.  I feel God is asking more of me than I know or will know for sometime.  I must just proceed in blind faith and listen to what he says...INTENTLY.....We are never to old to travel a new road with old fiends ...Wish me well in my new adventures as you will see even more of me than before....but maybe a little wiser and ya pokie

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Debbie K said...

Hey, my Friend! Been thinking of you and got a lot out of your post today, as always :) I'm looking forward to hearing more about your upcoming changes and my prayers are out there for you as you make them. Take care of yourself..


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